Exhibit Design Material

These Illustrations are examples of exhibit design while in the specialty interiors industry. These illustrations were added to C.A.D. drawings of surrounding building structure for the implementation of collection handling and planning. 

The Models are paper and foam core construction models for the purpose of fundraising and clear expression of the potential use of space in an existing space.

At Home: Boasting a vast display of weaving expertise, the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Indians hand wove many useful tools and vessels as is seen here in this exhibit at the Cheney Cowles Museum in Spokane Washington.

Celebrations: Exhibiting a collection of celebratory decor and memorabilia, this display hosts a collection of artifacts relating to the many traditional and historical celebrations of the Spokane Washington area at the Cheney Cowles Musem in Spokane.

Panhandle Plains: This exhibit displays a large collection of basketry and weaving techniques from the different Indian populations around Texas's Panhandle region at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. 

The Pick up: This exhibit showcases John Steinbeck's pick up from his legendary travels in the Monterey bay area of Southern California. The artifacts in the display surround a large video screen for a video presentation of a Steinbeck reading. Agricultural wing of The John Steinbeck museum in Salinas California.

The Wheel House: Recreation of the interior of an existing wheel house from a tug boat for Columbia River Maritime Museum. This exhibit interpreted the experience of the many who work on the river transporting commerce and is among a grand museum display of  full size fishing boats and coast guard vessels.

The Hoover Dam: Architectural model of the visitor center at the Hoover dam. These models are used for many different reasons; presentation, design study, fundraising, etc. At this stage the existing building is constructed to scale for spacial study and design trials.

Eventually the design comes to life as we push and pull and edit as we go. The design is still in a preliminary phase at this point and would likely see changes.

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